15 things no one tells you about your first year of college

  1. it’s easy to meet people, but maintaining friendships takes work.Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
  2. the dining hall food gets old fast.
  3. if you think you can get up in time for your 8am lecture every day, you’re wrong.
  4. you think you came to college to study what you’re interested in, but general university requirements are just as brutal as high school classes but with more essays and readings.
  5. you won’t get any studying done in your study groups.
  6. you most likely overpacked and won’t use half of the stuff you brought.
  7. no matter how broke you think you are, you’re usually able to get take out 4 nights a week and a cup of coffee before class.
  8. even if you think you’re going to dress nice every day, you’ll end up wearing a sweatshirt and yoga pants most days.
  9. the freshman 15 is VERY real if you aren’t mindful of what you’re eating.
  10. your professors actually don’t want you to fail.
  11. your final grade will probably be based on two exams and maybe an essay.
  12. and half of those exam questions will probably come from the one lecture you skipped.
  13. life will be easier if you’re on your RA’s good side.
  14. if you have a car, you’ll be everyone’s best friend.
  15. you have a lot more responsibilities, but you’ll also have more free time.

comment if you think I forgot anything!

Yours Truly,

Rachel Joy


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