what’s in my camera bag!

This week’s blog is a little big more lighthearted :). img_0611For all you photographers out there, or just anyone who’s interested, this week’s blog is about what’s in my camera bag! My camera bag is pretty new – I got it for Christmas this last year. So far it’s really great! I hate bulky bags and that’s almost unavoidable when you’re lugging around a bunch of photography equipment, but this is a great size and still holds my two cameras. When you open the bag, this is what you’ll see.  I love it because not only is there the top flap that covers the whole thing, there’s also a zipper to close the main compartment of the bag. Inside, I have my two beloved cameras. img_0610And yes, I’ve lost the lens cap for one of my lenses. I know, I know, shame on me, but there’s a new one coming in the mail. On the left is my brand new Nikon d750 with my favorite lens, a 50mm f/1.8 on it. I love this combination, this is pretty much what I shoot everything on. The d750 is my first full frame camera, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to, but it’s a wonderful and pretty light camera. Paired with my 50mm, it takes beautiful photos and works especially well in low light. On the right is my older Nikon, a d7000, which is a crop sensor camera, with my 11-20mm f/2.8 lens. I don’t use this lens nearly as much since getting my new camera, and I don’t think I’ve touched the d7000 since getting the d750. Having both of these cameras in my bag fits perfectly, but it’s pretty heavy to lug around for too long, so generally I only take the d750 and bring the wide angle lens along if I think I’ll need it.


And here is everything else taken out of the bag. At the top of the photo is my Nikon d7000 (left) and Nikon d750 (right) again, with the lenses I use on each of them below the cameras, respectively. To the right of the cameras is my battery charger and two extra batteries.  If I’m just going out on a shoot, I don’t generally bring these along, but if I’m traveling, this is something I never forget. I have a pretty bad habit of leaving my camera on, so I’m constantly having to change the battery :). Below that are my countless SD cards. It’s pretty rare for me to need another SD card while on a shoot – especially since both cameras can hold two cards – but I keep them in here so they’re all in one place because I am always losing things. To the right is cleaner for my sensor. I should probably clean them more than I do, but I’ve only done it once because I’m too scared of touching the sensor (scratch the sensor and you ruin the camera)… And finally are my white balance cards. I don’t use these nearly as much since I started shooting in RAW, but I keep them in my bag just in case.

It’s not a lot of equipment compared to some, but I guess that goes to show that the quality of photos has more to do with the person behind the camera than the camera itself. Now go check out some of the photos I’ve taken with the gear you just read about! ( https://racheljoyphotos.wordpress.com/project-type/photography/ )

Yours Truly,

Rachel Joy



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