how you can help (me & the world)

I told myself I would update my blog at least once a week, but here we are, over a month since my last post. But this one is an important one!DSC_0231

I posted about two months back about an incredible opportunity I have this summer (read about it here: my next adventure) and I want to tell you a little more about it and how you can help. I will be spending ten weeks serving with Josiah Venture in Central and Eastern Europe. Josiah Venture is an organization with the mission of equipping young leaders to spread a movement of God throughout society. I will be serving on the Communications Team as a photographer alongside six other talented artists in and traveling to many of the countries that Josiah Venture is based in. We will be working together to share stories of God and His love in Central and Eastern Europe with our art and talents that God has blessed us with. Super cool, right?!

So this is where you come in. In order to go out and serve this summer, I have to raise nearly $5,000 by May 1st. If you donate, not only will you be helping me go to Europe and experience something incredible this summer, you will be helping so many students see God’s love, maybe even for the first time. If you feel called to donate, you can give online by going to and clicking on my photo! Your gifts of not only financial support, but also prayer support, are crucial to the success of this trip.

If you want to stay updated on my internship, I will be posting weekly blogs over the summer about what I’m doing and sharing photos from my time there, so subscribe to my blog! Whether you choose to donate, pray, and/or subscribe, thank you so much for your support!

Yours Truly,

Rachel Joy


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