week 6: България

DSC_5879After a crazy week of broken down cars, exploring Budapest, and 30 hours of travel by train, Sunday, July 9th was the first day of the first camp my half of the C-Team got to be at. It felt so good to be productive and finally serving at a camp. We were at a church in Velingrad, Bulgaria, helping with a music camp that JV calls “Fusion.” A lot of the people serving at this camp are people we met at Intern Training or connected with at Media Academy, so it was so refreshing to see some familiar faces and reconnect with them while serving.

DSC_5891This camp was a challenge to me because everything was in Bulgarian. The only other JV camp that I’ve been to was and English camp, where they highly value language and are always wanting to practice with native speakers. With this camp, however, the focus was music and ultimately Jesus, so it’s easier to communicate those things and for students to understand them better if it’s in their native language. There was always someone to translate for me when it was important, but the language barriers made it hard for me to connect with students. But I found joy in taking photos of the action and serving behind the scenes and knowing that I can be doing tasks to help out so that others can be touching student’s lives personally.

DSC_5988Friday was the last day of camp and that night was the concert the campers had been preparing for all week. They preformed eight songs, some Christian, some pop, and some Bulgarian. It was such a great mix, the students had fun, and the turn out was great! It was so cool for us and them to see all their hard work this week pay off. Now, we’re in Bucharest, Romania after another day of travel by train, and tomorrow we have a rest day to recharge and get ready to go hard at another camp somewhere in central Romania.

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For those of you partnering with me in prayer, please pray for energy, unity, patience and faithfulness for my team in these next four weeks. We’re all exhausted and maybe even a little sick of each other, so hopefully our rest day will help, but your prayers are definitely still needed and greatly appreciated. On a more personal level, I’ve noticed in myself my reliance on earthly things to make me happy. This causes pretty quick and dramatic changes in my moods, which is taxing on me and the people around me. Please pray that I will find joy and peace in the Lord, and know that my true happiness comes from Him. Finally, please continue to pray that I can be present and not so fixated on what’s going on at home. While I am excited to return to Washington, I don’t want to wish my summer away.

country count: 6

Thank you endlessly for all your support!

Yours Truly,

Rachel Joy


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