week 7 & 8: reflection

With just two more weeks to go, this last week has consisted of a whole lot of reflection and appreciation. It’s crazy to think that in a mere 12 days I’ll be back in Washington. The Pacific North West will always have my heart, but I’ll definitely be leaving a piece of it in Central and Eastern Europe.

DSC_7673That being said, week 7 was one of the best to date. Ziplining, bonfires and s’mores, friendship bracelets, deep conversations, Romanian mountains, water balloon fights, and great people are all what made that week so incredible. Two girls in particular really stood out to me, and we were able to bond over our shared love of photography and swapping bracelets we made that week. The amazing week I had with them and others made the goodbyes even harder, which has already been the most difficult part of the summer.

But the hellos have been pretty sweet. After three weeks of traveling, the whole C-Team came back together in Frydlant, Czech Republic for our final two weeks of editing and one week of debrief. Seeing the other half of the team again and getting back into a routine of working at the Josiah Venture office has been a breath of fresh air. But as the days dwindle and will soon drop to single digits, I can’t help but dread the goodbyes I have ahead of me. There’s something earth-shattering about spending every day with people who have quickly become your best friends to not knowing when you’ll see them again. But let’s not think about that yet.

Processed with VSCO with a7 presetIn our three weeks of traveling alone, my team clocked something like 2,200+ miles, about four of which were by car, six by bus, and 75 by train. We can laugh about it now, but I never want to see another train again in my life. However, the adventure isn’t over yet – in a week we will be headed to Prague for our final few days together in Europe.

While my physical journey is nearly complete, my spiritual and emotional journeys continue to press on. Please pray that I will somehow be able to process this summer in the coming weeks and learn how to best share my experiences with you all when I come home. While I’m savoring my time here, I look forward to being back in an English speaking country!

Thanks for keeping up with me, and if you would like to grab coffee when I’m back, please feel free to contact me!

country count: 6

Yours Truly,

Rachel Joy


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